Are you a conscious brand?

Looking for the sustainability solution to reduce waste and carbon footprint by supporting socio economic development of society.

We're more than a company that produces goods also, working with brands to identify and provide solutions for waste streams that have the potential to be up cycled into sellable goods.

Let's Collaborate

We provide creative solutions to work around your Mission.


  • We can connect to create a range of products to make out of waste which can be replicated in your unit or we can partner with you to make these styles. 

  • We provide all services required to upcycle your textiles into unique, limited-edition products guaranteed to drive brand recognition

  • We worked with your team to collect fabric waste from your vendors. This waste was converted into patched styles relevant to your consumer base

  • We provide sustainable promotional products for companies or events.

  • We help brands and manufacturers regenerate textiles and products into value for the business, for people, and for the planet.  

  • Have excess? dead stock, returned product, or excess fabric rolls, we help you to turn it into something new.

  • One of the most planet-friendly things we can do is extend the intended life of goods. We achieve this through a multitude of services like repair, alter

  • If you're looking for a partner to handle your brand's product after-life solutions and  we can help. 

For alteration, customization and remake visit here :