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BUNKO is an art and style and JUNKO is an unused textile waste

Our brand makes artistic fashion made out of Unused textile from the manufacturing unit for environment sustainability to save landfills. BUNKO JUNKO is a blend of sustainable and innovative design. We design, deconstruct and develop chic garments using an industrial unused textile piece, dead stocks, and sustainable material. Every product has its own story and no two garments are the same. NO SAME PINCH.

We try to adopt this thinking in our design process- where clothes are comfortable and utilitarian, made up with upcycling as well as in our production process- where we try to work on a zero waste policy. Everything from post-production is put back into use through various kinds of patchwork, knitting of back fabrics, making accessories, etc. Since we work with industrial waste, our raw materials are determined by what we get when we go out for sourcing. We try to deliver the closest possible match but the pieces are never identical. To us, it’s a wonderful process much like putting the puzzle

together, just with fabric and you never know what you’re going to get!

BUNKO JUNKO is about innovating means and methods to save landfill, energy, and water and ultimately support sustainability. We only have one planet and it's up to us to make it better, however, we can. It is a wonderful time to be a part of the sustainable fashion in India.






"Recreate the fashion industry, and lead it into the future of sustainability. we want to industrialize textile upcycling globally as a common practice".

"Is to create beauty from textile waste upcycling from environmental sustainability and socio economic development by empowering women and creating young entrepreneur".